The Dharma Is Dangerous

The teachings of the Buddha are absolutely true: we can test and prove them for ourselves. They teach about the true nature of reality – pure awareness – and the obstacles of defilements – desire, fear and ignorance – that prevent the recognition of the true nature of reality.

So where is the danger?

It is the very knowledge of these obstacles that has enabled manipulators to enslave people for centuries. Manipulators have taken the teachings on the human weaknesses of desire/hope, aversion/fear and ignorance/indifference to get what they want, by putting people to ‘sleep’. Obedience to distractions is so ingrained in our minds that each generation unwittingly teaches it to the next through trivial pursuits. As long as we consent to being dumbed down and following the herd, we will remain in this dungeon of darkness, unable to concentrate because of our preoccupation with the pleasant or unpleasant. Look at the world of the ‘media’: it is merely repetition, year in and year out, generation after generation – and we are addicted!

Dharma is a double-edged sword – for good and evil.

It is said that it is as rare for someone to turn to the Dharma (to realise the unity of absolute and relative truth) as it is for a blind turtle to surface from the bottom of the ocean once every hundred years and stick its head through a ring floating on the surface. Counting the number of people who practise the Dharma is like counting the number of stars that can be seen during the day. This being so, it will not matter that some know what’s going on, as the majority do not, as they are addicted to maintaining fear, hope and ignorance – they can’t keep their hands off their i-Phones. Intelligent? Smart? For whom? We are playing someone else’s games and the controllers are laughing all the way to the bank. Even though we may see what’s going on…it will still go on!

However, the Dharma is dangerous to the manipulators, who are overplaying their hand. In this dark age of technology, it is more obvious what is going on. The internet is also a double-edged sword: knowledge is getting through. The turtles are rising, and gradually people will surface to that which is beyond knowledge – wisdom.

Wisdom destroys ignorance!

The constant dilemma for those who write about the Dharma is; who is reading it? This is why it is so important to get a complete picture that is usable within our own culture. There has to be a proper transmission from culture to culture to enable each to deal with what is actually happening within that culture. Having a good wish is not good enough: we must see and recognise. Karma is something we all have to face.

If we want to change this world of corruption, we must seek the truth for ourselves. The Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; test it for yourself”. He did not answer all questions, enabling practitioners to think and reason for themselves in order that they can realise the ring of truth floating on the surface.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    That’s a great one today… assess where we are at this point in time.. and even if those that are close to me just don’t get it,it’s ok ,I know I’m not insane and I do finally have peace of mind !

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