Phraseology, Nomenclature, Parlance, Terminologies
can go over our heads and make us feel that we will never understand.
😀 😀 😀

‘The indistinguishability of samsara and nirvana’…?
‘Thought and dharmakaya are a unity’…?

It’s like this:
Water and wetness are inseparable.
Fire and heat are inseparable.
Awareness and that which awareness is aware of are inseparable.
It’s that simple.

That of which pure awareness is aware becomes all-consuming
and pure awareness forgets itself:
that is a separation, a duality.

Doubt can be very expensive!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    That of which pure awareness is aware becomes all-consuming…
    I awoke this morn with another one of those “inspired higher mind consciousness” thoughts in my head that become all consuming, and then those thoughts always make me feel guilty if I do not tell anyone or write it down and just keep it to myself….
    ” Everything ever created by mankind is fallible and directly subject to human error & karma” !

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