‘Dark Matter’
Invisible Mud

Before a thought fully develops, we have unclear predispositions in the mind, which are prejudices. We walk around with the stuff that dreams and nightmares are made of, full of bubbling possibilities. When we meet others, notions and vague ideas form, and we prejudge.

Realising that this is happening means that clarity has woken up, and the dream stops. If clarity is dim, our shadowy opinions become a fixed personality of defensiveness and aggression.

It’s like a background ‘white noise’. Some automatically have to argue. Some automatically feel like a victim. Some automatically pretend that they don’t see. These predispositions lurk there in the background, and when a situation presents itself, our vulnerability lies in ambush and we hold on to the hurt. We reveal our dark weakness which exposes us to negative forces.

However, further in the background is the light. If we are not introduced to the power of the light then our dark and light sides remain in conflict. And we remain miserable.

Look and see: we are that light – clarity – that dissolves the dream, the nightmare. ‘Dark matter’ is the causes and conditions that create everything in the universe: collective karma!

Everything is within space, arising out of emptiness.
Everything is known by the clarity of light.

That is what matters!





This is an illustration I started -“Picking up ideas from here and there.”
There is always something to distract us!

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