The One Thing That Solves Everything
..and you don’t have to be religious to understand this!


Awareness is the one thing that is undeniable.
By awareness, everything is known.
When awareness knows itself,
it is half way to enlightenment.

We can see this in meditation, by just sitting quietly and letting of the meditator! Pure awareness rests in pure awareness. That’s it.

Once this is recognised, then the many things that distract this one, extra-ordinary, simple reality are but mindful remembrances of some thing occurring within awareness. We stop filling up our precious, limited time chasing after things, and anything that comes our way is our guide back to reality of our true nature. Everything becomes a toy.

Once this is assured, then we are protected against the suffering of change.

Once we have no further use for the guide – the exhausting, fixated concepts called karma that we have been holding onto – then that is the other half of the journey to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is pure awareness that is unbroken.
Enlightenment solves everything
– except others’ toys.

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