We spend our days being creative in some way or other, or in maintaining something that was created. We can create a good atmosphere, or a dull atmosphere, or chaotic one. We are naturally creative creatures.

Just listening and smiling is being creative; that’s love in action. What could be more creative than allowing a good space for others to be in? What could be more creative and beautiful than caring? That’s Dharma in action.

Once we ‘get’ the Dharma, we can run with it, and all sorts of inspiration comes our way. Inspired energies are blessings if we just go with them, and on completion, let go. Letting go allows spontaneous moments – refreshing moments – to come along, by the recognition of a need beyond one’s own needs. The symbolic teacher in action. One’s own needs are taken care of precisely because of our caring. Recognising the symbolic teacher sees to that! (the symbolic teacher is anything that arises within awareness of empty essence; it’s a reminder that all arisings are without any true, inherent existence).

If we don’t let go, and instead claim ‘our’ creativity, it may turn out to be a curse because we become emotionally addicted, and crave more of the same. And that’s what we get – more of the same, just going round in circles. The demon in action.

I used to think (being a lowly Buddhist) that creativity was a samsaric thing, because we have to go beyond this materialistic world. But I’ve discovered that creativity can be an expression of love. Compassion in action. If spiritual teachers tell you creativity is a distraction…

Have you seen Tibetan temples and shrine rooms?!!! They’re full of beautiful colours!!!
Have you seen inside Zen temples and dojos? They’re full of beautiful wood!!!
Have you seen the beautiful architecture inside churches?!!! They’re full of beautiful echoes!!!
Have you seen inside your heart? It’s beautiful!!!

Creativity has to stick to the point.
No Fiddling. No Frills.
Just an enlightened attitude.

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1 Response to CREATIVITY

  1. crestedduck says:

    We’re all just energy in motion…..think about your intentions and the who,what, where and why perspectives . Energy only has 3 perspectives, positive,negative,ground .

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