The Best Meditation Is…
when we stop meditating!

Tulku Urgyen said, “Short moments many times.” This is essential in awareness meditation. We don’t hang on to anything, effortlessly relaxing, without the mental gymnastics of mindfulness. The Dzogchen approach is that no one ever became enlightened by meditating, but only by breaking the meditation.

Meditation is dualistic.
Non-meditation is non-dualistic.

There are two approaches to meditation: one is to tame the mind through the non-distraction of focused shamata/shine practices, and the other to rest in the naturalness of direct perception, barely aware in open emptiness to whatever arises within clarity.

If there is dullness or turbulence in the mind, we use the focused, non-distraction methods.
When the mind become still and open, we let go and rest effortlessly.

Servicing the mind
When the mind is not running freely,
it needs servicing.

Once the mind is running freely,
stop servicing it.

When a problem reoccurs,
service the mind again.

We don’t have to keep servicing the mind
if it’s running perfectly well!

If we interfere,
we create confusion and doubt
and so believe that the mind need more servicing.
This is incorrect because open emptiness is naturally present.

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  1. daisymae21 says:

    So basically, you’re saying “Don’t fiddle”! 😉
    One problem we have, as humans, is that we seem to obsess about ‘making things work’, about ‘putting things right’ and although this can be positive, when it comes to meditation, it can be a hinderance.
    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    It comes down to self-trust again, do you think?

  2. tony says:

    Yes, trust in awarenesses ability to see, to be aware. The problem is – What to do with what is seen? In meditation it is just letting go and just being. Do nothing. We may get the idea that “Infinite consciousness” is knowing everything now! Infinite could just mean no obstructions to the present moment.

    What do we do with what is seen in daily life? Well, we are naturally creative, so create something that is of benefit to others. If we don’t have the exact tools to be creative, then we can just listen and smile! What could be more creative than caring?

    Once we ‘get’ the dharma, we can run with it, and all sorts of inspiration comes our way.


  3. tony says:

    Although we have to be honest with ourselves. Most of there time we are confused and in chaos, so servicing reminders are constantly needed. I seem to be confused and in chaos most of the time 😀 😀 😀

  4. tony says:

    Creative inspired energy is a blessing if we just go with it and on completion let go. This is because letting go allows more of the same to come along in its own time. This comes about by recognising a need. If we don’t let go and claim this creativity, it may turn out to be a curse, because we want more of the same.

    I used to think (being lowly buddhist) that creativity was a samsaric thing, because we have to go beyond this materialistic world, but have discovered that it is an expression of love. Have you seen a Tibetan temple and shrine room?!!! It’s all colour!!! Have you seen inside a Zen temple and shrine room? It’s all beautiful wood!!! Have you seen inside your heart? It’s just beautiful!!!

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