Stress Inflames the Brain

Longterm stress erodes memory,
which means we neither function properly nor think straight –
and we live in a world of stress!

Being aware of stress and the causes of stress, and finding a solution to relieve that stress, is a psychological – and ultimately, a spiritual – matter, culminating in the cessation of stress.

Acknowledging this stress is the first of the four noble truths taught by the Buddha.
This is why we rest the mind and body in meditation.

Meditation – going where no pill has gone before! 😀

Notes from :

Recent research by Ohio State University has shown that sustained stress erodes memory and that the immune system plays a key role in the ensuing cognitive impairment. It has established the relationship between short-term memory and prolonged stress as a result of inflammation caused by the immune system’s response to outside pressure.

Long term psychosocial stress continued to have an effect on the development of new neurons for a period of 28 days after the stress had ended.

The inflammation and memory loss did disappear when anti-inflammatories were administered, but the depressive-like behaviour and social avoidance remained, showing that post-stress memory loss is linked to the immune system.

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