The Cocoon Of No Circumference
Emptiness that envelops everything

Meditation is being thought-free, and not thought-less.

Thought-free is being free of thoughts – spacious – clear – light – with limitless joy and compassion.
The cocoon of no limitations.

Thought-less is being absent minded – careless – insensitive – misguided – joyless and compassionless.
The cocoon of limitations.

Rules are methods to guide us.
Rule: from the Latin regula, meaning ‘straight stick’.

However, they are a guide and not rigid dogma. We have to know when to be bendy 🙂
Bendy: capable of bending; soft and flexible.

It’s like this ~~~~~~~~~~!

We know the direction in which to go, but we can be flexible, either by cutting through or manoeuvring around obstacles. We can swing away and we can recross our guide line. It’s not stiff – and it’s much more fun!

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  1. marcel says:

    The cocoon of emptiness; a contradictio in terminis..

  2. marcel says:

    Protection, comfort !? Sell your cloak and buy a sword! Crazy is as crazy does..

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