What Is Spirituality?
It is pure, empty awareness.

We are spirituality. We are ethereal beings, caught and held by concepts; because of this, we are imprisoned in a physical form.

Ethereal: extremely delicate and light in a way that seems not to be of this world.

In essence, we are not ‘humans’, but aliens – universal beings. Our spaceship is the bardo. Our destination is everywhere, as we are constantly travelling because we forget where we’re going, and we are constantly refuelling with karma, the driving force. When we exhaust all our fuel – karma – we have arrived at our destination of enlightenment. (Search “bardo” for details.)

Ethereal spirit is awareness, before and beyond thoughts and concepts. A red cars passes by, and essence just sees without comment, before the ego mind steps in and translates, judges, names and chatters. It’s that simple! By the time we have identified with the object, we have forgotten ourselves. We are caught and held. It is happening at every moment, and at any moment we can escape. It’s that simple. Just let go.

In the bardo teachings, it is said that, before birth, at the moment of conception, our karma attracts or drives us to take on a form somewhere in the universe. If we are fortunate enough to take a human form, we have all the requirements for enlightenment. That’s if we have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

Our reaction may be, “Oh, you’re saying that I am the cause of my suffering and bad conditions! How can you say such a thing? It hurts me.”

That very reaction reveals a limited view, showing our habitual identification with a human body and mind. All of us are ethereal beings, caught and held by concepts; because of this, we are imprisoned in a physical form.

Spiritually speaking, if viewed inspirationally, this suffering we experience could be the final piece of our karma exhausting itself. The last one before enlightenment! Maybe it’s not…but it shows good attitude and intention. 🙂 It all depends on how we see ourselves and our condition, and the concepts we are holding on to.

Mara/demons will flatter or create fear in us, but they can only influence the mind to stay caught and held: Mara also feeds off our pride and fear. Ethereal essence is not a thing with parts: it is not of this world, but is pure awareness.

It can only be distracted, and have its spaceship refuelled with karma.

“Houston, I’ve run out of fuel. I won’t be coming back…” 😀

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