Is Worship Of A Deity Homage To The Devil?

Provocative? Definitely!

Devotion is a step towards our goal: it is not the goal.
Generating a good feeling is inspirational.
Claiming that good feeling is a step down.

At an ordinary level, devotion is an beneficial device,
but there comes a time
when we have to let go of even that.

The devil is ego’s obscuring activity.
We are easily swayed, and thus becoming trapped by
pride, complacency, ambition, manipulation.
Its power comes from being so close, so near…
and yet just off the mark.

When devotion is a realisation of our own qualities,
it represents clarity.
If we regard it as something else,
we become defiled.

Truth and obscurations are a unity:
if there is dark, there is light
if there is light, there is dark.

What the Buddha meant was,
suck it and see.
And then spit it out.


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