Why Do We Fall Out Of Love?
…with people, places, and even gurus?

It’s because of the collective expectation of mystery in the beginning, that doesn’t actually manifest. It was all in our head. The heart is innate love, but because we don’t recognise this innate love, we search for it and create an illusion, a dream. The head hijacked the heart because we wanted to believe in the dream.

We still have a subtle conflict of ‘wanting’ and being without expectation, because love is challenging – and we’re not enlightened yet ;-).

When we fell out of love, the illusion collapsed. We saw “through a glass, darkly”, but now our view is clear. It became realistic: it toughened up.

Love is the ultimate reality. We are never out of love because love is infinite.

Love is a powerful boon when manifest,
if manifest at all!
Love is challenging.
Love and expectation are not bedfellows.

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