Sad About A F***ed Up World?

There are various states of being. ‘Fucked up’ typically refers to being physically, mentally, morally, theoretically messed up or damaged in some way. This has many levels, from slightly fucked up to extremely fucked up, all of which describe levels of confusion.

It’s sad precisely because it needn’t be so.

The wonderful news is that, if we realise that something is fucked up then innately, we know something very important! That we are not ‘fucked’, as this would be a permanent state! :D:D:D

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1 Response to SAD ABOUT A F***ED UP WORLD?

  1. tony says:

    “Robert is drunk”: it is an impermanent state.
    “Robert is a drunkard”: it’s a continuous pattern of behaviour.
    Likewise, ‘fucked up’ means messed up as in “The machine was fucked up” which means it’s temporarily damaged. “The machine was fucked” means it can’t be repaired.

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