Don’t Let Go…’it’ Drops Away!
‘It’ is all those worries and doubts.

In authentic presence – the nowness of awareness – all worries and doubts naturally drop away, bringing a sense of relief. This is the bliss of well-being and we don’t have to do anything. When we let go, we have to keep on letting go: it’s an antidote, something we have to do.

In authentic presence, there is no acceptance, rejection, expectation or anticipation. It arises naturally from the sense of completion at the end of an activity or during completion-stage of a practice. There is no rush needed, as there is always something else coming along.

Sometimes the cloud just lifts, and there is only light, smell, taste, sound, touch. We come to our senses; this presence is more powerful than words. Gradually, worries and doubts drop away and we happily deal with whatever presents itself. This non-reaction dissolves karma because we have a good attitude. It is also being  good company.

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