Hair Trigger To World War Three

Intentionally waiting for the reaction so that the cock up occurs!
“It’s Not My Fault!”

Technology makes it easier….Hmm?

If we keep pushing the boundaries of technology, something will give. We are victims of our own technology, and we don’t know when to stop. Plant the seed of possibility and it will grow and grow. This constant need for inventive technology creates the law of self destruction and obsolescence. Man is being subjected to his own inventions i.e. AI robots. Technology is funded by us, to be used on us. The need for its being, is not the same as our being.

The perfect storm for World War three
Incursions into personal and collective sovereignty, to illicit a reaction.
Mass migration, changing cultures and creating conflict.
The population becoming accustomed to soldiers and police with guns, in actuality and on screen.
Constant reporting of fear.
Constant promotion of hedonistic values.
Constant surveillance.
Extra chemicals in our food, water and air, which affects our physical and mental DNA.
Need for unnatural, expensive pharmaceutical intervention rather than eliminating the causes.
More people stressed and depressed.
Total distraction from simply realising our true potential which is enlightenment, that could enrich the world.

You only need a cursory glance at these videos to get the message: there are plenty more.
The problem is that there are so many that we start to ignore them.

We are all part of what happens in the world.
Being aware is not being negative:
all we have to do is be aware, and not be taken in.

Not being taken in
is the path to enlightenment.

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