The Teacher

The teacher is everything.
every thing is the teacher.

Turn truth on its head and it’s still the truth.
That’s why the three poisons are the three wisdom kayas.*

Unfortunately, this will mean nothing unless we look, investigate, experience and realise.

Traditionally, in Tibetan Buddhism, we practise Guru Yoga, where “The teacher is everything.” We take teachings from authentic teachers, but this can remain theory. The role of the teacher is to guide us to the inner teacher – our minds. We can then relate to every thing as the teacher; this is known as ‘the symbolic teacher of all phenomena’. Ultimately, our karma is our teacher, moment by moment, as it is that which we are undoing…enlightenment is my undoing! 😀

Our realisation is a personal matter: there are certain teachings that are not taught but have to be realised. Many cannot deal with the teachings on a personal level and have to rely on a teacher. For example, at the end of a month-long intensive retreat, a fellow student asked me what I had learned. I said, “The three kaya wisdoms are the same as the three poisons.” He replied, “That’s a bit far-fetched.” My conclusion was the outcome of a personal quest of asking whether there was a connection between the kayas and the poisons: when I realised the connection, I told the teacher who concurred…and gave me a hug.

There are two ways of listening or reading: one is to take it literally, and the other, expediently. Text and experience are not the same thing.

Expedient: a means of attaining an end, especially one that is convenient but possibly improper or immoral. From the word ‘expedite’.

To say that the three poisons of desire, fear and ignorance are wisdoms would sound improper and immoral to most people, wouldn’t it?

Expedite: make an action or process happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.

Direct experience makes things happen sooner rather than later!

If we become stuck on or infatuated with the outer teacher, we will never know. The word ‘stuck’ can mean ‘to become fixed’ and also ‘to spur on’, from the word ‘stick’ which means ‘to poke’.

*Type in search: “The Three Poisons Are The Three Wisdom Kayas” and “The Secret Life of The Emotions”.

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