The Breath And Dzogchen
(Dzogchen Breath)

Even though we may have the high view of Dzogchen, which is pure conscious awareness, we should not overlook the simple practice of shamata – watching the breath. Because of understanding Dzogchen/Maha Ati, shamata is now experienced differently.

In ordinary shamata practice – watching the breath – we rest and relax in “calm abiding”. This quietens and stills the mind, and give us a sense of space and inner peace.

For many years, I thought that was it, but there was always a feeling that something was missing. It didn’t feel complete. It was something I did; it wasn’t something I was…“Where am I in this shamata breath?”

Although I have had many teachers, this was never explained clearly, until my current teacher gave the pointing out instruction, which is the direct introduction to the nature of mind.

This only became clear when I stopped going to teachings and retreats, and reviewed everything. I was feeling swamped with information, and so took time out from intensive group teachings to simply look.

Resting in “calm abiding” through Dzogchen eyes, I realised “calm abiding” is what I am.

This is the move from meditation (doing) to non-meditation (non-doing)! The fruition was the ground all along. Dzogchen was Mahamudra all along. But it was never pointed out.

Realise the words.
In realising the words,
I realised that the breath was watching me,
and I am nowhere to be found.
There is no separation.

If you think this is beyond you, you’re absolutely right…

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Realise: register, perceive, discern, become aware, become conscious, notice, understand, comprehend, see, recognize, fathom, appreciate, ascertain, apprehend, be cognizant, know, discover, find; see the light, get it. That pure aha moment!

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