Balancing Mind and Heart
The hard stuff and the soft stuff!

This is truly a difficult subject to talk about, and get the right balance. Essence, the emptiness of being – known as Rigpa in the Nyingma tradition – could be called
the atmosphere of being’ – the soft heart in the hard world of mind.

To survive in this physical form, we need a strong mind, clear and practical, to get it ‘right’, otherwise we don’t eat or have shelter.

However, getting it ‘right’ isn’t without beauty and joy.

If we only consider beauty and joy in our life, the peas and broccoli may not come to fruition. And without a sense of beauty and joy, the peas and broccoli may not feel happy! Everyone wants to feel loved, don’t they? That is the magical stuff of growth. If we just stuff seeds in the ground without care, the only things that will take hold are weeds that choke everything.

It’s the same when dealing with people. We need to pacify them, enrich them and magnetise them, destroying any friction so that this beauty and joy may be shared. The mind judges and criticises; the heart want to put things right. Putting things ‘right’ needs the balance of both mind and heart – we are relative and absolute creatures after all.

Too often, comments made in ‘social’ media are harsh, cruel and judgmental. This is the one-sided, chattering mind. The heart wants to be included, to bring about balance and be of benefit, but doesn’t know how, and so it becomes clumsy. The heart and mind need clarity – a recognition of our inner balance – and a willingness to support others.

All we need is to loosen up, soften up, and remember that everyone wants love, beauty and joy in their lives. They just cannot admit this, because they are usually too busy with ‘me’ and ‘my ideas’. Of course, if we are too soft, we might not make sense. 😀 😀 😀

Perhaps the words ‘love’, ‘beauty’ and ‘joy’ have lost their meaning in this modern world: they’ve been downgraded to ‘my’ love, ‘my’ beauty and ‘my’ joy, arising from a sense of selfishness in a ‘my mind’ world.

Deep down, we all want a heart of gold, but are afraid or lack confidence, which can make us seem aggressive, as we fear we will be brought down.

Love, empathy and compassion are nicer worlds than this harsh mind world, in which to live. But we do live in a harsh world, and life requires courage: courage comes from a firm foundation of confident understanding. It is then that we can practise the six perfections of generosity, etc.

Don’t let anyone steal
your love, empathy or compassion.
Just give it!
It is always being replenished.

Mind always wants to be perfect: the heart is already perfect. In balance, a heart of gold knows how to express itself with clarity. Not having to be perfect is such a relief. That sense of relief is perfection. Life is magic. Magic is uplifting, inspiring…singing.

The complex Dharma (and there’s a lot of it!) is all about us. About being naturally what we are. We are not trying to squeeze ourselves into a complex system; rather, the system is merely explaining how we are. And all we have to do is simply look!

What the Buddha meant was,
“Not too hard and not too soft.”

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  1. tony says:

    2500 years of commentaries is a lot of commentaries!
    And it all comes down to pure awareness, pure consciousness.

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