The Secret Code Of The Universe

Attraction, repulsion, and inertia.
All planets and minds obey
desire, aversion and inertia*.
These are the laws of the universe.

But there is a deeper, secret code.
This may sound sweet-talking, but it is love.
How on earth is love the deeper secret?
Love is more than caring; it is understanding.

Once we are free – or even semi-free – of these laws of the universe,
we notice that others are not.
We can then empathise, have compassion,
and express love by understanding.

Unconditional love counters the three imprisoning laws of the universe.
We are no longer pulled or pushed around,
because we now know.

Is there an even deeper secret; the deepest secret?
One simply cannot go beyond emptiness.

*Inert: unmoving, motionless, immobile, still, stock-still, stationary, static, dormant, sleeping; unconscious, out cold, comatose, lifeless, inanimate, insensible, senseless, insensate, insentient; inactive, idle, indolent, slack, lazy, loafing, slothful, dull, sluggish, lethargic, stagnant, languid, listless, torpid; unconcerned, apathetic, indifferent;

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