Why Am I Not Happy?

This is such an interesting question 😀

Knowing that we are not happy presupposes that we already know what happiness is, and we assume that we don’t have it.

So what is happiness? Contentment? Being trouble-free? Loving, and being loved? Having everything we desire? Or does it lie in the desire itself?

As long as we have a body, we are vulnerable. It will have problems from time to time; it deteriorates, and will get sick and die. It’s true that when we are young, our bodies are everything and this is exciting, but it doesn’t last! To ignore this is to limit our understanding. Body consciousness cannot be where happiness lies, as true happiness never changes.

Happiness – true happiness – is therefore not of the body: rather, it is of the mind. Is it in our thoughts then? Well, thoughts are changeable. We can have nice thoughts, but that doesn’t make us happy because they don’t last. So what is happiness?

It’s just being now.

“That doesn’t sound like much fun!”
Oh, on the contrary, it is constant fun – and a constant relief from constantly chasing after everything.

Happiness is letting go. In understanding change, we are free to just enjoy the moment now, without holding on to it.

The I can never find happiness, but you can.
When you’ve found your true self, you can enjoy your heart’s desires.

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