Buddhism: Beyond Belief

To find that which is beyond belief,
we have to turn everything – everything – on its head.

A belief is our viewpoint; it’s our way of thinking , and how we judge. We all believe in something, and it started at a very early age with ‘mine’. Our strongest memories and influences are from when we were young, and we accepted the programming from our parents and environment, both of which were also programmed. TV and the media is all about ‘programming’, and it’s happening faster and at an even younger age because of technology … our modern life consists of pushing programmed buttons and becoming part of the programming. It’s the early stages of transhumanism.

To say, “I have no beliefs” is incorrect. To believe that we have something is a belief, to the extent of claiming, “I have consciousness” as this separates us from the consciousness itself: it is a belief in consciousness, and a point of view rather than the clear view itself. If we judge things to be real and permanent, we are locked into our programme of beliefs – permanently! – and we don’t see that change is possible. We haven’t reached the age of reasoning yet, and are still stuck in ‘mine’.

So, how do we turn everything on its head?

When we step back and honestly observe our way of judging and thinking – which is our point of view – there is merely seeing, smelling, touching, hearing, tasting – without concepts. Merely perceiving. Merely aware. Mere consciousness. Mere means ‘no more than’; that is pure, conscious awareness. This is not a belief as it is knowable now.

Without that pure, conscious awareness, the beliefs we hold on to would not be known. Pure consciousness is like a mirror, reflecting everything. The mirror never changes, whereas the reflections come and go. Pure, conscious awareness comes first, but goes unnoticed.

Some get this, and some do not. Everything depends on what we believe. When we no longer believe, we are not limited and space expands. The space is clarity, and clarity is light.

It is the light that is beyond belief, beyond the darkness. First we have to recognise that it’s dark, which means it could be lighter! 😀

All we have to do is look, and then we know.
This is difficult because the world keeps showing us another toy.

As long as we believe, we are locked in.
The moment we stop believing, the door opens.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I very often find myself standing outside the doorway looking back inside at all the clueless people and find myself saddened because of the empathy and compassion I sometimes regret possessing, because as a empath it’s tough to have to also feel their pain too, and not being able to stop it is extremely frustrating. I’ve always been that one that can be standing/sitting in a room full of people and still feel completely alone, as I can not help but to feel their emotions and pain, and sometimes feel their personal hatred and jealousy and disgust and lack of acceptance of/with me too ! Some people choose to be loners for very real reasons and circumstances!

    • tony says:

      People feel threatened by someone just seeing things differently. Maybe they see possibilities and that scares them, as it reminds them that it needn’t be this way.

      That recognition means that they can change, but it also means they have to do something about it.

      Therefore we have to accept that we are loners. I wish we could have a cup of coffee or tea together. But hey! I’m thinking of you!

      /Users/tonybarrs/Desktop/VEGGIES!/P1340438 small
      If this picture doesn’t appear…I’m standing smiling with an armful of marrows!


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