Will Meditation Make Me Happy?
…and have a better life?
No … yes … depends … yes!

No … because you (pure consciousness) are already happy.

Yes … because meditation is a way of recognising that which is obscuring this naturally existing happiness.

Depends … on what you call ‘a better life’; is it one where we just accept that we have enough?

Yes … because, having realised that pure consciousness is already unconditionally happy, this influences and maintains our daily life in the contented way we conduct ourselves. It is the continuity of unconditional happiness.

But what is happiness?
It is resting in natural, pure, conscious awareness that no outside force can disturb – because pure, conscious awareness doesn’t need conditions. Pure, conscious awareness is clarity. It is seeing everything simply; that’s how it works. Everything is seen as a reflection of pure, conscious awareness. What is aware of this computer screen? Pure, conscious awareness is something never to be forgotten or lost.

But how do I lead a better life?
By remembering what we are.
Our present moment was created by our past, so we have to reap what we have sown. If we continue to react in our usual way, the future will be the same as now. As we sow, so we reap. If we stop reacting in our habitual way ā€“ by allowing the mind and heart to be open ā€“ the clarity that results from that changes the future. (As spiritual practitioners, we may feel that our reactions have become more intense than they were. This may lead to feelings of guilt, frustration and anger: you can be sure that this is merely the subtlety of clarity seeing what’s going on, and this is why we need compassion for our own past reactions. It’s vital to remember that any reaction is a product of the past.)

Pure conscious awareness is clarity, which has no fear or hope. That’s how it works. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this and that can create problems which, in turn, are challenges for compassionate activity.

When we see and others do not, then we are alone. That’s how it is. Trying to communicate is frustrating; it is then that we have to learn to be skilful and responsive to others’ needs. That is love. No one said this is easy šŸ˜€

If we want happiness, then we have to accept sadness.
Resting in unlimited compassion
allows space for healing to take place.
We just cannot expect anything in return.
Now, that is love.
And love is happiness.

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