The Meaning Of The Four Yogas – Part Two
from “Essentials of Mahamudra” by Thrangu Rinpoche

“…Because our realisation of things as they are has become manifest, at the lower level of one taste, we see that there is no difference between samsara and nirvana. At the middle level, we cut through the root of seeing a difference between the apprehended object and the apprehended subject, so that they no longer appear to be separate. At the great level, we see that all phenomena are truly of one taste. We no longer regard anything as dangerous and thus feel tremendous fearlessness.

“By becoming ever more familiar with the realisation of one taste, the meditator arrives at the point at which she or he does not need to engage in a formal structure of meditation. This is the level of non-meditation. The nature of mind has been resolved, and the meditator does not need to practise any particular meditation to experience this.

“At the lower level of non-meditation, because mind itself and reality have become manifest, we not longer need to meditate. There is no longer the sense of something meditated upon and someone meditating upon it. Striving and effort are required to some extent at the lower level of non-meditation, but at the middle level we achieve spontaneous presence such that striving and effort are no longer necessary.

“It is said that, at the great level, we have arrived at the bodhisattva level where we meet the dharmakaya, which is to say, the dharmakaya has fully manifested. At this point, the clear light of ground and the clear light of the path mix.”

Could that be any more beautiful?

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