Expelling Demons
Abstractions in darkness
Abstraction: something which exists only as an idea rather than an event.

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Our fears might well feel like an event, but that is merely a sense of tension in the mind and body because we believe ideas from the past which we project into the future, and so we suffer now. In reality, it’s all in our imagination, and imagination is a powerful force. It creates heaven or hell.

Our abstracted ideas play havoc with our understanding, experience and realisation, and have no compassion for inner peace. They steal our joy, and hate spiritual progress, as inner peace curtails their occupation of activity and space. When we rest in emptiness (or rather, when emptiness recognises itself), ideas have nothing to get hold of.

So, who controls these demons? We do! The stronger our ideas, the more we identify with them; they become precious to us, and the more we suffer. Maybe we actually cherish our suffering, as it makes us (ego) feel important. And yes, we can become demons – and if we can, so can others. How many do we meet with obsessive ideas who hate anything spiritual? Demons will be in our lives until the moment of enlightenment: they are our own abstract ideas without a face, and to fight against them feeds them. Ignoring them doesn’t help; they have to be acknowledged. We have to recognise and understand them, and in the clarity of understanding, demonic activity loses its grip and drops away. Offering space, acknowledgement and a smile gives them a sense of relief for a moment.

So, what to do?
Through reasoning and a little trust, we realise that awareness – our awareness – is present in all situations. It’s how we know things. Right? The ‘things’ that we know are usually external things. Right? But this awareness can look within, and realise that the awareness itself is pure awareness, uncontaminated consciousness. Right? That uncontaminated clarity is emptiness – and it’s demon-free.

We are hearts of gold, but something stops us from expressing this. Such is the selfishness of demons. Once we become familiar with this inner demonic activity, its very presence inspires wisdom because it is seen as having no reality. When we recognise demons in ourself and others – or even in the atmosphere around us – we can become generous in compassion, giving them space to subside.

As Bob Marley meant to say, “No demons, no cry” 😀

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  1. su says:

    My first crystal clear ‘different’ experience was in the ceramic studio where I had a lightning bolt realization that ‘concept’ was not the essence of anything. In that moment time and space collapsed and I was three pointed consciousness, a body that was breathed with no volition but absolute confidence, a 10 foot energy body and a point looking through the energy at the physical body moving. And I held all that in my vision. I was just blissed for 36 hours. Concept is not the essence of anything. What a concept. 🙂

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