So, The Illuminati Wants to Kill Nearly 6 Billion People
It’s not a statement one can ignore

As spiritual students, we cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of others, although many choose to stick their heads in the sand.

Setting the scene:

As you can imagine, that statement has upset many people. Is it true? If we live in this world consciously, we should know what potentials exist. It may not be true. It may be put into the public domain to confuse people. It may be an elaborate prank. Maybe it is just meant to cause chaos to make money and power. Some believe that the world is over-populated. Are the Georgia Guide Stones merely a stunt? Is ‘Agenda 21’ earth sustainability the plan for mankind?

I’m not saying any of this is ultimately true or not; it is just important to be aware of the subtle influences on humanity. Tibetans believe that modern people are speedy and intense – and possibly a little stupid. What if we have been made that way?

Has control of the earth population been going on for thousands of years? Is taxing the people a way for the elite to be able to spend this massive wealth in whatever manner they like, while we are oblivious because we’ve been given toy war games to watch and play, while they are engaged in the real thing?

It is obvious that communities who once lived in harmony have become divided by whispering serpents. If we look carefully, we could even say that World War 3 has already started, without the majority even noticing. Wars kill a lot of people – but not the instigators. There is an idea that the super-rich want the planet as a playground for themselves. People’s lives are becoming more and more restricted, aren’t they? Austerity is making the rich, richer: money can be made out of any calamity.

As spiritual students, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that people are suffering by the hands of those in power. Although we hope we are doing the right thing, we are being harmed by unhealthy food, medical drugs, poor education and addiction to technology: our brains are being pumped full of drivel by the ‘news’, and we are becoming less skilled, as robots take our place.

It’s not a pretty picture, is it?

This, according to the Mahabharata, is the Kali Yuga – the Iron Age. The Age of Strife. The Age of selfish Demons. Its predictions are amazing and visible.

Okay, let’s put this picture right!

I have heard that these instigators believe they will acquire no bad karma for their actions, because the people consented to their own actions and inactions. This is totally wrong, as people are being misled, and karma comes from intention.

Everything in the universe is impermanent, as no thing lasts. This Iron Age just a dark cycle in Earth’s history; according to ancient scriptures, there was a “Bronze Age”, a “Silver Age and a “Golden Age”. All have run their cycle, but all will return. This is powered by spiritual development, decline and rebirth.

The very good news is that people are waking up … twice.

Once is to the manipulations occurring in the physical and mental world, and once is waking up to spiritual awareness. Consciousness is growing. The observation of the suffering in the world is the spur to find the cause and cessation of that suffering.

Truth will always conquer, and outlive untruth.
As beings with increased awareness reincarnate,
living a lie will become more difficult to sustain
– whatever that lie might be.

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