Valuing Meditation Time
in this precious human life.

Our meditation period is our set time for concentration, inner peace and clarity, recharging our energies of body, speech and mind. Then, throughout the day, we remain mindful, which sustains this inner peace. Even more importantly, this inner peace has a beneficial effect on others with whom we come into contact. This will change the world … well, our world at least, because we are considering others before our self.

Demons (our and others’ likes and dislikes) want us to lose our inner peace as they hate it. Aren’t there times when we’re so worked up in emotions that we want others to be as crazy as us?! Our demonic side feeds off negative emotional energies. Outer gossip and inner gossip are a bit like that. Silence silences demons. They depart, and find someone else who is easier and weaker to annoy.

So that our practice isn’t self orientated, we dedicate our efforts to all sentient beings – even those demons. If we realise that their activities originate with us, we see that these demons have no real strength, except by our own consent. They cannot steal our inner peace unless we are tempted to participate in their activities.

It is useful to find a prayer at the beginning of a meditation session, one that reminds and inspires us, and that is more powerful then we are at this moment. A dedication prayer at the end commits our inner peace to all.

The world can change in a instant. Real Magic!

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