What Rule Should I Live By?
What can guide me?

“I need no rules!”
Happy, are you?

All the time?
“Well, no.”

Why is this?
“Annoying things keep coming up.”

Those annoyances are our guide.
“I don’t like that idea at all.”

Those annoying things
are caused by our actual view of those things:
we deem them to be annoying.

That is called ‘karma’; our re-occurring reactions, which create the ‘style’ of our karma – the accumulation of reactions in our previous, confused state. Everything around us was created by our past actions. Our spiritual path to happiness is recognising that our suffering is due to the confusion in our own minds. When we stop reacting, we put an end to that confusion and stop creating more karma … and the happier we will be.

When sitting in meditation, as these annoyances arise, note that which is aware of these annoyances. These annoyances are not us; they are ideas in the mind – an annoying programme that we believe to be real. We imbue annoyances with reality, and every time we note them and don’t react, the annoyances lose their power, and we gain release.

The more annoying it is, the more we learn.
This is the teacher of experience.
That is how we reduce karma.
That is how we become enlightened.

And that’s why experience is our guide,
and our rule to live by.

We cannot escape experiences,
but we can escape our reactions,
thereby reducing those experiences.

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  1. marcel says:

    It’s annoying to have less and less remarks on what you are saying.. 🙂 There is a tendency developing to reside in silence..

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