Still Thinking You Don’t Know?
We are knowingness itself.

Here’s the catch: We think we have to learn all ‘outside’ information meticulously in order to find our true nature – what we are. We don’t. That which is looking and seeking for that which we are is knowingness itself – awareness – cognisance. We are knowingness by nature, our absolute reality!

So why the confusion?

Because of the mystique surrounding this absolute nature, we become dependant and reliant upon ‘those who know’. We hang on to every word, and miss the experience beyond words and meanings. We queue up to participate in this dressed-up secrecy that surrounds truth, making it both impressive and baffling to those without specialised knowledge. We continually doubt our knowingness, and therefore the realisation of our natural ability to be aware of being aware.

Without clear instructions, we become poverty-stricken hungry ghosts, paupers hanging on to everything we are not. That is confusion. Clear instructions should clarify, not create doubt and vagueness.

Have you ever found yourself sitting still in meditation or chanting mantras – and wondering what you’re supposed to be doing? Have you ever found yourself going through a series of practices, making sure you are doing everything right and keeping it all in the correct order? We are still programming ourselves to be needy, but the moment our boat gets us to the shore, we no longer need the boat!

The whole point is to be aware of awareness, aware of knowingness, aware of consciousness. These are faculties to realising that – in their pure state of emptiness – awareness, knowingness, consciousness is what we are!

“But I have to know Madhyamika … Dzogchen … Mahamudra … the Kayas … Abhidharma … Mudras … Empowerments … I have to do a three year/six year/nine year/twelve year retreat … ” The list goes on and on. The point of practice is all about knowing, as opposed to not knowing. ‘Knowing’ is recognising that the light is on. ‘Not knowing’ is not recognising that the light is on.

I’ve heard many lamas laugh at westerns for their mantra, “I know, I know.” This is spiritual confusion – and it’s damaging. We do all know. We just don’t recognise it.

Pure knowingness is the path with no name.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I know you know I never needed to know the name of the path…I just had to confidently keep my faith while following it to see where it leads to ,and learn from all the adventures, and risks taken along the way… “a endless path & a timeless soul “

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