Transverse All The Paths And Levels

… When you have meditated in this way, and many thoughts arise,
you don’t need to feel depressed, thinking “I can’t meditate!”
The mind is empty, whether it moves or is still.
Since all that arises is a continuity of awareness,
rest freely in the unfabricated innate state,
without negating or affirming, accepting or rejecting.
Thus, thoughts will certainly be spontaneously freed.

When people of lesser capacity cannot remain in a natural state,
they should alternate between analysing and resting,
like at the time of the pointing out instruction.
Or, they should push thoughts to their breaking point,
generating desirable and undesirable thoughts;
in various ways, one after another,
until their minds become exhausted.
Finally, not desiring to continue this further,
they should rest loosely.

“ … To elaborate or examine is nothing but adding concepts.
To make effort or to cultivate is only to exhaust oneself.
To focus or to meditate it but a trap of further entanglement.
May these painful fabrications be cut from within … “

from The Flight of the Garuda
by Shabkhar Tsokdrug Rangdrol Rinpoche

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