Freedom To Think The Unthinkable

Meditation is Mind Control
Political Correctness is Mind Control
Know the difference

And then, there is spiritual correctness.

There is no benefit in parroting the statements of others. Question everything.
Look up the Asch Experiment of conformity:

Why did the participants conform so readily?
When they were interviewed after the experiment,
most of them said that they did not really believe their conforming answers,
but had gone along with the group for fear of being ridiculed or thought “peculiar”.
A few of them said that they really did believe the group’s answers were correct.”

Although this experiment was to show how we can conform to a untruth,
even conforming to a truth does not mean that we experience the same truth.

We merely learn answers.

We must look, question and experience for ourselves, and then unshakeable realisation takes place and we gain confidence. Without this, whatever we say may create subtle doubts in others as our speech is just hearsay; it may lack compassion benefit.

Spiritual conformity and spiritual correctness create fear.
We must be free to think the unthinkable.

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