Who Is The Bringer Of Light?

Lucifer? God? Buddha?
Is this easy to answer?

Is it?
There are many views.
It doesn’t matter what books say:
what effect does this have on the mind?

Is this about goodness or badness?
What is good? What is bad?

Is ‘goodness’ actually beyond good and bad?
Is ‘badness’ actually beyond good and bad?

Is goodness – the light of clarity – before judgement of good and bad?
Is badness – the darkness that cares for neither good nor bad – only confusion?

That which seems good may create confusion and sleepiness.
That which seems bad may create clarity and wakefulness.
All that is sees all without judgment:
This is absolute reality within conventional reality.

Is good, light?
Is bad, darkness?
Seeing and not seeing are before judgement.
Do we see?

It does not matter whether
Lucifer, God and Buddha are good or bad.
The question is,
“Do they bring light or darkness? Clarity or confusion?”

It is not a matter of what we are told.
What do we see?
What sees?

Light is clarity.
Darkness is lack of clarity.

Who is the bringer of light?
The bringer of light is the messenger:
we are the light itself.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. john3:20

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