I Want To Be Connected To Dzogchen…
…what a joke!
You are Dzogchen!

Shabkar Tsokdrug Rangdrol.

“Some people put their hope into the view of mental fabrication.
Though they have learning, it is only of dead words.
Though they have understanding, it is only concepts.
Though they claim realisation, it is only boasting.
Though they meditate, it is only mental fabrication.
Though they analyse, it is only dualistic fixation.
Though they accomplish, it is nothing but samsara.
People who intellectualise dharma certainly have no
karmic connection to the innermost essence of the Great Perfection.

There is no need for action: the Great Perfection is never
accomplished by deeds.
It is beyond the reckoning of both doing and non doing.
In this non meditation beyond meditation, if you meditate
it would only be spoilt.
In this non-view beyond viewing, what is there to look for?
In this non-searching beyond searching, there is no finding.
Awareness is utter openness.
But people without connection to the Great Perfection
don’t listen even when this is explained – what a joke!”

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