The Origin Of The Cosmos And Consciousness
… There isn’t one …

The universe is infinite. Space, matter and pure consciousness are infinite, so there can be neither beginning nor end. Searching for the origin of life is therefore irrelevant.

If there was a big bang, there must have been previous big bangs, and in an infinite universe, those big bangs were little bangs … it’s all relative.

If there is a God, why did God only come up with the idea of making Earth 5 billion years ago, when the universe is infinite?

An infinite number of sentient beings will have an infinite number of forms: whatever makes them tick makes us tick too. Their true nature is our true nature. Hoping for something different is absolutely idiotic.

Our bodies are made of infinite particles of the universe.
Pure consciousness is infinite because it is empty of particles.

We cannot conceive of infinity because concepts are limited.
It can only be recognised in the realisation
of the infinity of our essential nature.

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