We Have To Make A Decision
or remain stuck.

Our personality, and the situations in which we find ourself, come from the past, and may not necessarily be pleasant. The debts of karma are unavoidable. Knowing this, we need not feel depressed: that was then, now is now. If we don’t accept what we were, this creates a feeling of guilt and we will be stuck on a treadmill of the past. Remembering the past too much is not helpful because it maintains an influence over now. We have an ego; through practice, this becomes a tamed ego. A stabilised ego can handle anything.

In surrendering everything, there is nothing to surrender; nothing to get rid of because everything is seen as an illusion in the mind. When we stop struggling and fearing, we feel better. Conventional life will never be perfect. Absolute life is perfect.

We are not taking a tranquilliser; we’re seeing and accepting things they are. If we make a decision to see that everything has a cause and an effect, we won’t become stuck in taking them seriously; we won’t fixate, and suffer.

Accepting the consequences of our actions completes the action. Letting go is purification, which brings clarity and compassion to the next action. This is how life becomes our teacher and, as a result, there is nothing to fear. A stabilised ego can handle anything. People may provoke us, but we don’t argue; we have made the decision not to re-enact. With confidence, we meet fear with compassion, and we are no longer stuck in retaliation.

It’s said that it’s possible to become enlightened in one lifetime, or in the bardo – at the moment of death, or just afterwards: this is worthwhile bearing this in mind.

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