Is Life Fulfilling?
Different people will answer this question in different ways.

I’m not talking about dissatisfaction with our physical life; we all have a tale to tell, and wounds to heal. I’m talking about understanding life itself. The eternal ‘what is good’, and ‘what is evil’. Our life was created by our past actions and reactions which have to play themselves out. Sometimes we are unlucky and at other times, we’re lucky. Much depends on our attitude, as to whether we get more or less of the same.

As humans, we don’t seem to learn much about ourselves in a lifetime. We learn to grow up with heavy influences on us, and stay that way. Even if we have moved away from these influences, there will still be a residue left in the mind, as the pattern has been set.

Through understanding, experience and realisation, we can now change all that. The main point to understand is how our confusion all came about, and how it has been maintained. When we understand that, life becomes fruitful and fulfilling, and we start our journey, taking back control. We have learnt to be less than we are – but there is definitely more to us than we think!

My journey to finding life fruitful was unusual. I always thought that the world was full of crazy, people with uncontrolled emotions; it didn’t matter what class they came from, there was either anger or pride, plus all the other emotions. People were always projecting some aspect of themselves in an attempt to make a limited view of life, work!

The question was, was this entirely their fault? Or had they been taken over by ideas? Either way, they seemed crazy and unreliable – as did I. This seemed to be just a way of life and, as such, appears normal. And normally, as we grow older, nothing changes.

Even though I have spent most of my life trying to understand what spirituality is, the explanations I heard were never totally satisfying. All through my years of spiritual searching, I felt that an element was missing. I found spiritual groups elitist – too ready to repeat dogma, and too eager to appear superior. Even in Buddhism, westerners were ready to tell you, “You are clinging”, “You are grasping”, “You are ego-orientated”, “You are wanting an intellectual understanding”, “You have to be devoted to the guru, lama, teacher, “You must see the lama as the Buddha!” This approach honestly didn’t and doesn’t work for me – I tried it. Respect? Yes. But false ecstasy, no. There is too much dogma, and too much adopting of another’s culture, because we dismiss our own.

Fulfilment came to me when I understood about mara demons: that was the turning point. People are enlightened, but we are obscured by ideas. We are ignorant of our true nature, and we;re kept that way!

99% of the population is confused, and the other 1% is corrupt and confused. Within the 1%, there are those who must know how to deflect and distract for their own gain, and they use this information to capture and control the population. We unwittingly consent, and thus abdicate our freedom. Lamas, guru and teachers don’t talk about this because they don’t know how deep the deception goes. It’s all our own ignorance, they say. That’s true – but it’s not all our fault.

It’s an old saying:
“When we know that the world IS crazy,
then everything makes sense!”

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2 Responses to IS LIFE FULFILLING?

  1. su says:

    I have seen things much the same way you have. Which would explain why I read your blog every day. And now, it is changing. My Dad was a bit of a visionary. Not a Buddhist. Loosely a Jew with a deep Chasidic Heart. He said “Wait and in this lifetime you will See everything you came here to See.” Handed me his watch when he died and said “Wait”. I did. Now I am Seeing. Been waiting 60 years. I found I changed but did not believe the collective would change or that I would even See the beginning of that. Glad I waited. This is my Time. 🙂 ❤

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