I Forgot To Mention …
demons changed my life for the better,
and that made life fulfilling!

Having attended spiritual centres over the past 47 years, I had a feeling of safety; I’d joined the side of the righteous. People ‘out there’ were ordinary folk, just going about their ‘selfish’ routines. In a centre, there was always the guru/teacher to rely upon, and routines to make us feel better. We had swapped a selfish routine for a selfless routine. We were happy just to be together, and everything would turn out fine.

Even when I believed in a God, I felt God was watching us: we could rely on God and everything would turn out fine.

It was because of thinking ‘everything would turn out fine’ that my vigilance dropped. I became sloppy, as I was relying on the routines of the spiritual centre and the teacher (although this isn’t necessarily always a bad thing as it gives us a firm foundation for our chosen tradition). The teachings were based around our true nature and the obscurations that cover that true nature – the eternal battle of good and evil – and ‘demons’ were a vague idea of mischief out there.

However, gradually, in this sentimental state, I began to realise that the world was not all right, so how could a deity or a teacher be watching over us? Did this deity or teacher just look after some people, some times? The special people perhaps? Spiritual people are just the same as ordinary people; they may use spiritually-refined words, but are still ruled by the same emotions and become defensive and aggressive when questioned.

I am also engaged in Vajrayana practice involving a wrathful deity, which offers protection from evil spirits. This, too, was a vague, cultural idea at the time. Then I realised that demons are our own likes and dislikes; that is the activator which, if acted upon, attracts more of the same – that is, others’ likes and dislikes. The law of attraction! Are there people who use this very law to have power over others? If there is a law of attraction, then there must be a law of repulsion yielding the same result – power over people.

It was then that I realised we were being watched over by massive surveillance; everything we do is observed, and the internet and “smart” technology made that easy. Demon activity is everywhere, in the form of mass mind control of the population, that instills pleasure and terror through the use of propaganda. Laughingly – and thankfully – this is an extremely powerful, spiritual tool, as it will wake people up … except for those who hold a literal belief in everything they are being told.

Understanding this mass activity heightens awareness. Not only is there personal suffering, but there is also collective suffering. The collective first noble truth is the recognition of suffering. The elitist agenda – both worldly and spiritual – is now clearly out in the open.

The more we remember, the less we forget.
So, thanks demons: these are great times!

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3 Responses to I FORGOT TO MENTION …

  1. crestedduck says:

    “Not only is there personal suffering, but there is also collective suffering. The collective first noble truth is the recognition of suffering. ”
    Alcohol and depression demons got the best of my brother-in-law yesterday…he put a bullet in his head to end the personal suffering brought on by his own alcoholism, ignorance & karma.
    My wife and her sister found him last nite when went to check on him and bring some leftovers from dinner. I had a funny feeling come over me when was told he hadn’t answered his phone all day, I’ve witnessed his downfall and turning into a useless drunk idiot, I knew in my heart and soul this was eventually going to be the outcome as he did not want, and refused any help.

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