Ordinarily, Before We Know It, We React!

It goes like this: perception, memory, judgement, reaction … and then we get a counter-reaction, which generates memory and judgement when perception takes place again. That is our self programming – our cycle of existence – and this karmic programme is running constantly, like the band of information at the foot of a news broadcast … yada … yada … yada … yada … 😀

If we remain at perception and rest there, perception becomes pure perception – pure awareness – pure consciousness. This creates space in which to reflect. Our usual cycle of existence has been interrupted and there is now no counter-reaction – there is merely silent space. Of course, this may be infuriating to the other person 😀 but that is merely their cycle of perception, memory, judgement, reaction, wanting a reaction … yada … yada … yada … yada … ! 😀

We can now engage with the situation without emotions. Meditation is sitting in pure perception, and is stress free. We can now recognise and cut thoughts and reactions as they arise.

Now we can make our mind our pet! It will still want to … yada … yada … yada … yada … 😀 but, with training, it will follow us obediently.

Caution: having identified the yada … yada … yada … be aware that this recognition will produce more yada … yada … yada … !

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