Negative Emotions are Enlightened Wisdoms

Insight is in the emotions;
the emotions are the insight.

When emotions are over-excited,
they obscure wisdom.

When recognised,
emotions are our wisdom-nature.

Wisdom: penetrating intelligent insight and realisation of ultimate truth.
Emotion: from the Latin ’emovere’ – to move out, to excite.
Excite: from the Latin ‘excitare’ – to call forth.

The more powerful the emotions, the more powerful the Dharmakaya – the realisation of emptiness or uncontaminated consciousness. This doesn’t mean we get carried away by emotions – not at all.

We can conjure up an emotion just by thinking of someone. This emotion may be fear, hate, desire, pride, jealousy or indifference … it doesn’t matter which, but this emotion creates an awakening in the mind. It calls forth excitement and brightness. In the very first instant, the mind has seen something; there is perception. When we look into this emotion, nothing can be found. In that non-finding of anything of substance, we realise emptiness because all that remains is pure awareness. There is merely an awakening. The object of our emotion still has characteristics, but we are no longer caught and held, and thus attached. If we are able to rest in empty awareness when in the company of another person, that person is allowed to be merely an arising in the mind: no judgement takes place, and therefore there is no tension. We rest in non-duality, which can bring about penetrating insight from which we can express empathetic compassion. This is worth trying for short periods, just to see the effect.

To reiterate: something is seen and provokes an emotion. An energy is excited and comes forth, cutting through our mechanical mental processes and this brings us up short. There is a sudden gap, a moment of confusion before we identify characteristics and an emotion arises. It’s at that moment of excitement that there is either light or darkness – understanding or condemnation.

Wisdom is penetrating insight into whatever is taking place.

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  1. marcel says:

    “Wisdom is penetrating insight into whatever is taking place.”

    .. Therefore wisdom, truth as such, cannot be know in advance. It cannot be monopolized, owned. Hence the birth and rebirth of spontaneous wisdom, every single moment .. Miracles everwhere 🙂

  2. marcel says:

    “Wisdom is penetrating insight into whatever is taking place.”

    Or .. Whatever takes place, is full of wisdom. It takes only a good pair of ears to hear, and eyes to see..

    “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I was not aware of it.” Genesis 28:16

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