Non-duality Is Detachment

Non-duality is detachment.
Duality is attachment.

In detachment, there is clarity.
In attachment, there is bias.

Non-duality is ultimate reality.
Duality is a mental reality.

In detachment/clarity,
appearances are instantaneously perceived as they are.
There is no ‘me’ as a reference point.

In attachment,
appearances are seen through memory and judgement,
and are perceived with bias.
There is a reference point of a ‘me’.

Why is this important?
It is the difference between conditional love
and unconditional love.

When appearances arise within emptiness,
they are perceived instantaneously,
without bias or modification.
There is direct perception and therefore, non-duality.

When appearances arise within a biased mind,
they are not perceived instantaneously,
being modified through memory and judgement.
Their perception is therefore dualistic.

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