I Still Want To Improve!
This is how we all feel.

In the moment now, it’s true that there is nothing to improve as, in the moment now, there is only pure awareness – emptiness – with phantoms arising within that emptiness. But first, before we achieve this state, we have to remember.

Remembering is how we improve. We may remember now and again, but gradually through regular practice, those moments of remembrance become more frequent. This being the case, we are less forgetful and more conscious, and the impure gradually turns to pure. Practice is engaging in regular study and analysis, and sitting quietly in reflection, being aware of the space in which these reflections occur: in other words, it’s experiencing stillness until there is just stillness itself. That is also called ‘meditation’.

Being more conscious, we become more efficient at whatever we do – and so, there is an improvement in the way in which we address our situation. We don’t get carried away with improving, as we may like it too much, which gives rise to expectations, guilt, competitiveness, fear … 😀 Throughout life, there is always something address, so we merely cruise through it all. It’s being cool about everything.

One opportunity to practise improving is we’re when in the company of another. This is always challenging. We have to remember that we are improving ourselves, and not them. All we can do is improve the shared situation.

Being kind is being quiet; it’s listening and being open, without cultivating anything and without being too quick to ambush. We have to remember that we are all improving – just at different rates. Whatever standard we think we are at, some day the person facing us will catch up, and may actually overtake us in realisation!

We improve by being generous, patient, disciplined and concentrated, and realising transcendent wisdom – the six perfections.

The sign of improvement is compassion with a smile 😀

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