Demons Hate Inner Peace
That’s why they cause trouble for practitioners.

Tibetans say that demons hate compassionate activity, and therefore attack practitioners and cause trouble. In order to show demons kindness and ask them to leave, tormas are offered with prayers during rituals. This is the culture in Tibet.

We may think that this doesn’t apply to us … so we don’t bother. Think again!

On an everyday level, whether we are dealing with demonic activity of a human nature (someone who really dislikes us ) or non-human nature (stuff just seems to happen), the only way to address the situation is to defuse it by offering love and compassion. This is not an easy task. If harm or obstructions occur, these cannot be pacified by anger, retaliation, or resentment towards the person or thing causing the harm. For this reason, we need to be skilful, and have an attitude of avoiding compounding harm by causing further obstacles.

Maybe practitioners are more sensitive to negative projections as they have an understanding of the causes of sentient beings’ motivations, ie they see more as they are more aware. We can only counter negativity with clarity and compassion (… or garlic ;D ). Incidentally, compassion comes in many forms; search in archives for The Four Enlightened Activities of pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying ego’s games.

There are many applications of tormas:

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  1. desertcurmudgeon says:

    How very true. I am a Buddhist practitioner, but find much of the Tibetan terminology (such as “demons”) to be easily misinterpreted by the Western mind as literal rather than metaphorical…we do so like to anthropomorphize metaphysical entities and ideas, don’t we? But I digress. More than ever, I think the collective consciousness of the nation (and even the planet) needs to see through the folly of fighting fire with fire, and viewing anger and hatred as strengths. We now see clear as day where this has brought us in recent weeks. I, too, recently began a blog and my very first post was to explain the need for compassion towards “enemies” (political or otherwise) and the importance of understanding that we usually define ourselves by our fabricated egos, always forgetting that we are all a unity: the universe bearing witness to itself through billions of eyes. Thank you for the inspiring post.

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