How Do We Wake Up, And Stay Awake?
Staying awake is enlightenment!

The very moment we come to our senses and rest in pure perception – which is pure awareness in that spontaneous present moment now – we are awake. We are awake because we are not embroiled in concepts in the mind; we are not distracted. There is nothing getting in the way. This is plain and simple and, in fact, it is being absolutely ordinary.

When we are caught up in thoughts, running commentaries or emotions, we are locked in the mind, picturing the past or the future, entangled in a dream state. This is complexity and, in fact, it is conventionally ordinary.

Of course we are, in actuality, oscillating between the two, but do not notice this. Noticing this oscillation, we wake up. If we believe that waking up should be full of splendour and bliss, when this does not occur, we may feel deflated. The problem comes from reading too many books, and hearing fantastical stories! These may make us feel that we’re waking up, but we have merely woken up on a conventional level.

There is splendour and bliss, but not as we think. It’s much quieter than that. We may notice that we are not in a mood; we’re no longer Maha Moodies! Merely the absence of mood or disquiet is blissful and, in sustaining that, everything becomes more colourful and splendorous. That’s all.

Everything comes to the quiet person, and passes.
A noisy person goes out to everything, and holds on.
We’re not acquiring something:
we’re losing everything.
If we want to wake up, then it is up to us alone.

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  1. su bornstein says:

    I go through amazing changes only to find it is all empty. 🙂

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