Perfect Consciousness

We are perfect consciousness
but, in looking for something more,
we abide in imperfect consciousness – ignorance.

Ignorant, we wander in confusion, and suffer.
The world is confusing because it is confused.

We will stay confused
as long as we compare ourselves to others.

We each have our own particular version of confusion.
Recognising this is our hidden talent!

Once we accept that we have a peculiar way about us,
then we can find our way out.

Distractions are endless,
so talking is endless.

In perfect consciousness,
there is nothing to discuss or describe:
it can only be experienced.

Perfect consciousness:
there’s no getting away from it.

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  1. marcel says:

    “Perfect consciousness:
    .. there’s no getting away from it.”

    Confusion is haunting us…
    May confusion act as a wake-up call.

    Everything is our teacher…
    May confusion dawn as wisdom.

  2. marcel says:

    Morning Tony and Kathie!

    Go out and celebrate the world… I was thinking (and doing) about just that the other day.. Well kind off.. 🙂

    Knight, Death and the Devil, A. Dürer, 1513.

    • tony says:

      Morning Marcel,
      Every moment is a celebration of life…or could be.
      We may feel that life should be better, but no longer being caught up in mass hysteria then life is truly amazing. A miracle!

      Without the Buddha’s teaching I wouldn’t have a clue! But I still warn myself, to not get caught up in other’s hysteria or spiritual expression.

      I’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying NOT to write about this subject, as it may upset some. We only get upset when we are caught up in the dream.

      Still pondering.. 😀

  3. Marcel says:

    “But I still warn myself, to not get caught up in other’s hysteria or spiritual expression.”

    And not also to get caught up in ones own projections, prejudices, images.. Eureka, I’m among buddhas in the mud.. That’s a reason to celebrate and break the ice 🙂 Celebration is nothing without sharing..

  4. Marcel. says:

    “Seeing is sharing.”

    I see Sharing the absolute in the relative. Pacifying, healing the relative in the absolute. Thanks for sharing Tony 🙂 Profound stuff.

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