We Really Do Know
We know that if we do not adapt, we stay miserable.

We stay miserable because we are (sorry to say this) stubborn, lazy, careless, idle, without purpose, and so we suffer while, at the same time, creating suffering for others. Even being busy is laziness, from a spiritual point of view.

Once we recognise and understand pure awareness – which is pure consciousness, which is what we are – then we can answer any question for ourselves, and stay happy. We do not constantly need to refer to the teacher sitting on a throne in great splendour, who tells us what we already know. If we keep doing that, we develop the habit of doubting ourselves. Pure consciousness knows. It also knows that our human side may lack a certain capacity in expressing itself, but it nonetheless knows, and can adapt. Anything that arises in pure consciousness is seen as a temporary matter, so there is no need to get too heavy about such things. That is how we stay happy. There are great scholars who cannot empathise with how we are or how we became that way, but just quote generic scripture.

There are many levels of teachings, and some are rarely shared (I sometimes feel that this is to keep the teacher in a superior position). If we are not given the complete picture, we always feel that we are not ready; we’re not good enough and so, it is our afflictions that are emphasised and we are told we need pure perception without receiving the explanation that we are pure perception already.

I love Tibetan Buddhism, but it can make life complicated and we are required to be reliant upon the teacher. The whole point is to connect to the inner teacher – conscience – inner knowledge.

If we do not connect to this inner teacher – which then utilises the whole of phenomena as the outer teacher – then we remain as children, over-awed by sparkling thrones and robes and images.

Listen to the teacher. Are they telling you anything you do not already know? Once we realise what we already know, we are ready for life, and death.

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