There Is More To Meditation Than Just Meditating

Meditation is the vehicle to recognise our true nature of pure awareness, pure consciousness. It also reveals how we take possession of a mistaken, mental, self identity. Meditation is nothing special, but recognising is: the key word is recognising.

The following extract is from “Rainbow Painting” by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche:

“Some people believe that they should just keep on meditating, and some day, their egg will hatch and they will fly out of the shell and ascend to a completely different level. Actually, it’s not like that at all. We should not think, “The awakened state must be something really special. If I practise this long enough, one day a door will open and I will see it and all the qualities will pour into me.” It’s pointless to have this kind of attitude.

“If we really want something spectacular, we will indeed have opportunities for that, in what is called the ‘temporary meditation moods’ of bliss, clarity and non-thought. These can occur, but such sensational experiences do not help to cut through thoughts. On the contrary, they generate even more fixation because we start to think, “Wow! What is that? This must be it!” Many subsequent thoughts arise in response to the fascination with these experiences.

“As I mentioned before, realisation involves a process called ‘recognising, training and attaining stability’. It’s similar to planting the seed of a flower. You plant it, water it and finally it grows up and blossoms. We are not like Garab Dorje, who at the very instant of having mind nature pointed out, became a fully enlightened buddha without having undergone any training whatsoever. The moment of recognising mind essence free from thought is like holding an authentic flower-seed in your hand and being certain of what it is. That, itself, is the self-existing wakefulness: the source of buddhahood. Enlightenment does not come from some other place.”

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