Fascination Is Like Sticky Fly Paper
We are seduced – and then stuck!

Traditionally, Buddhism talks about how we are fixated on things, which implies a deliberate act. But our world is so seductive, isn’t it?

On a relative level, we need fascination to see possibilities and realise that there is more to life. At the next level, fascination is transformed and refined through insight. Ultimately, all fascination ends.

Before we are fixated, we are fascinated. We are then seduced by either attraction or repulsion and become fixated, because we lingered too long and were hooked.

Our very own spiritual practices can be fascinating; instead of being a reminder of our essence, they act as sticky fly paper!

Thanks to Daisy Mae’s finding the etymology of the word ‘fascination’ – “to cast a spell, to bewitch” – we realise how powerful this activity is. In fact, our fascination can lead us to practising futile diligence.

‘Futile diligence’ was a term used by Patrul Rinpoche when commenting on incorrect practice:

…There are many who practice stupidity as meditation
without having a gained clear understanding.
There many who engage in futile diligence.”

(Tough but true)

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