We Consent To Being Distracted
It’s a shock when we realise this.

We may think that being distracted is involuntary, and that we are powerless and have no control. This is incorrect. We just haven’t noticed that we actually have free choice. This choice is called practice – meditation practice. In meditation, we can easily see what is happening – that we keep wandering off!

Awareness wanders off. We slip into a habitual, mental pattern which creates our behaviour. The very moment awareness is recognised, the distraction stops and we are out of the mud. Then, a moment later, we are back in the mud. 😀 It’s like that, and it’s quite a shock to realise this! And this is why we have to train our minds.

We live in a day dream; “I’ve got things to do, things to do!” Yes, but that is in the future. When we are actually doing something, we are in the present. When you decide to meditate – which is calming the mind, resting in the clarity of emptiness – remember that is your choice and primary intention. But what is it that takes over? Habitual programming. You are pure awareness, pure being, mind essence. When you forget this, you wander off into a dream world. It may feel real – dreams do – but it’s just an everyday, established pattern of behaviour,

We have the power to take the power back. We have the control to take the control back … even for a moment! Then, gradually, the moments join up. It’s like that.

If we are not taking control of our lives, then someone else is doing it for us! The maze is amazing, but what is more amazing is that we can realise that the maze does not exist; it’s only in our minds.

Meditation is guaranteed to work. Just sit and be, and recognise how much we cannot be!

As we recognise, we understand.
As we understand, we experience.
When we experience, we realise.
When we realise, we find happiness.
It’s like that.

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  1. trippynikki says:

    I really enjoyed this and resonated with it thank you!💖

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