Enlightenment or Super Enlightenment …
… that is the question.

To ‘enlighten’ is to shed light on something. ‘Enlightenment’ is to attain spiritual knowledge and insight that awakens awareness, freeing us from the cycle of rebirth – of doing it all again!

In fact, that very phrase ‘cycle of rebirth’ (which usually means reincarnation), could be seen as freedom from the habitual cycle of the rebirth of obscuring reactions … now! If we can do it now, then maybe we will do it in the future. This does not undermine reincarnation, but addresses how we spend this life, which will be the cause for future experiences.

Here is the point. Generally, we hold vague ideas of omniscient Buddhahood achieved through sitting in meditation, employing secret methods and incantations. As a result, we meditate and chant, and in a subtle way keep on wanting life to be different from what it is now: this in itself can be disheartening as we may seem to be getting nowhere.

If, however, we see enlightenment as merely the awakening of awareness, then life can be fruitful. We can be happy now, and recognise the evil influences working upon us, causing the loss of concentration. A good quality of meditation is just being aware of awareness which realises mind essence. This may – or may not – lead to super enlightenment of omniscience: at the very least, it will build a firm foundation if super enlightenment actually exists.

It is said that it is possible to become enlightened in one lifetime, but this is extremely rare. Let’s be honest, not many of us can achieve this unless we are in seclusion and have the ways and means. But we needn’t be unhappy: just attaining knowledge and insight into the nature of mind, we should be grateful to get off street level.

Question: Who do you know that is super enlightened, and been verified as such? People can appear to possess higher qualities, but maybe they’ve just been taught to act that way 😉

If we are aiming at super enlightenment – that which is beyond comprehension – we will always find ourselves lacking, and probably – subtly – switch off. Out goes the light, and all we do is follow the form, like all the other beggars, believing one day we will have a spiritual title, fly, walk on water, leave imprints in rocks, have many followers, go to Buddha realms …

Why not just enjoy life now?
Realisation is the art of happiness – now.
We can we happy now, ‘enlightened’ now,
within this world of chaos and confusion.
The very moment chaos and confusion are seen
is the very moment of wisdom – being aware!

It’s like that, and it’s that simple.
Awareness awakens.
The only problem is … staying awake! 😀

It is the rawness of the emotions that awakens awareness.
Dare to realise; it’s that simple.
Who dares, wins!

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