Awakening Awareness, Awakening Consciousness

Ordinary awareness or consciousness is the ability to perceive and feel. All creatures have this ability in order to survive. So what does it mean, to awaken consciousness?

Well, there is more to us than merely surviving and following a routine pattern: that is our conventional level of existence where we relate to things and judge good and bad. Sheep can do this too.

This is relative consciousness. Whatever happens in this relative existence is called a ‘relative truth’, and takes place in the mind. This mind-place is where routines are set up – and get up-set 😀 .

As this pattern of behaviour takes place in the mind, it is our past affecting our future – which turns out to be more of the same. Even though it feels as if whatever takes place is immediate, milli-moments of time are required to process information.

This is a dream state as it is never in the now. Tulku Urgyen called the ‘now’, “spontaneous wakefulness or spontaneous presence.”

‘Awake’ means to come out of a dream, cosy or otherwise. Awakening consciousness is consciousness becoming aware itself and finding nothing, as it is empty of time-reliance. That is waking up to our true, essential reality of ultimate consciousness – our essence.

The trouble is that we are too busy living the dream to be awake.

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