Waking, Dozing, and …zzz…..

When introduced to the nature of mind, which is pure awareness, we might say, “It’s wow! This is great!” … a….n…d … back to sleep … 😀

In the Tibetan Nyingma tradition, the approach to reality is called Dzogchen; we are Dzogchen! Empty essence is termed Rigpa.

When first introduced to pure awareness (rigpa), we experience a baby rigpa, which is fresh but unstable. Our job is to become more familiar with and stabilise rigpa through practice, and practice means remembering. We have to remember to stay awake: we may appear to be awake, but we are merely walking around in a set of ideas, in a dreamscape.

When this is realised, it’s quite a shock. It is also a shock to note how easily we fall back into this dreamscape.

When we do wake up, we realise that the world around us hasn’t! “Wow! This is great?” This is challenging: it’s here that we have to be vigilant, skilful and compassionate.

Go in a good way.
Speak in a good way.
Think in a good way.
Feel in a good way.

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2 Responses to WAKING, DOZING, AND … ZZZ …

  1. Mark says:

    I was in the woods with my son this morning. A woman walked past us with a T-Shirt with the words ‘wake up’ on the front. It is very hard to know when we are truly awake or in zombie state.

    • tony says:

      Hello Mark,
      Ha! There are synchronistic signs to wake up all over the place!

      I actually wrote about zombies in the article, but took it out in case it sounded too harsh. We are of one mind!

      When we are aware of being aware, and do no modify that or fall into comment, then we are truly aware, truly conscious. It’s that simple.

      Of course we come out of that pure awareness to express. Pure awareness is empty essence, which is in fact dry awareness. When we come down a little to express, that is called essence love. It’s more juicy!

      We need a little i to function.


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