What Is Most Precious To You?

Before we look for an answer, wouldn’t our own sanity be most precious to us? Having sound mental health? Without that, we wouldn’t appreciate anything, would we? The question now arises, what is ‘sound mental health’, and what is ‘unsound mental health’? Sanity is the ability to be rational, while insanity is irrational – it’s serious mental confusion.

We need accurate knowledge and clarity about our mental processes. We need to be able to discern the difference between that which is beneficial to our physical and mental well being, and that which causes harm. For that, we need clarity of mind: clarity tells us what is junk and what is wisdom.

What is this wisdom? It is the authentic, undisputed principles that can fish us out of irrationality, freeing us from the junk that causes serious mental confusion.

This confusion comes from a collective misunderstanding based on false self identities and misperceptions about the world around us. We live in a sea of collective confusion.

Authentic teachings that can fish us out of irrationality; it is for this reason that they are precious. For these living, authentic teachings, we need to have deep appreciation and respect. They are precious, and shouldn’t be taken for granted as a pastime. They are awakening, living truth.

Respect is deep appreciation for these teachings that make our life worthwhile: this is called devotion. The way in which we relate to these living teachings – through respect and devotion – inspires and creates enthusiasm which consecrates and makes sacred everything we do and feel. Without our appreciation, the teachings are merely fossils.

What is most precious to you?
Your ability to recognise!

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